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Amber Glow

Amber Glow

A m b e r . .

Amber is the perfect colour for the Autumn/ Winter time of year. With a soft glow set in
sterling silver the possibilities are endless.
Whether dark cognac or pale tones, the soft glow of amber makes this jewellery
stunning and warming..

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  1. Eye studs

    Eye studs

    A welcome addition to any jewellery collection, these stud earrings are elegant, versatile and contemporary. A subtle warm glow comes from a small centred amber stone set in eye shaped sterling silver. Learn More
  2. Amber Hearts Entwined

    Amber Hearts Entwined

    Amber Two hearts entwined in sterling silver set with two contrasting shades of amber. A stylish and contemporary pendant with a certain warm and elegant feel. Learn More
  3. Amber Rope Circles

    Amber Rope Circles

    Gorgeous rope edged sterling silver set with beautifully shaped amber. Contemporary design with a warm glowing look, this is an eye catching earring. Learn More
  4. Amber Teardrop

    Amber Teardrop

    Teardrop designed with a slight twist in the sterling silver making this a set of 'stand out' earrings. A beautiful addition to any special occasional wear and simply gorgeous in any setting. Learn More
  5. Autumn Colours

    Autumn Colours

    Three shades of amber are set into three different sterling silver shapes. A unique earring stud with a touch of class and elegance. Learn More
  6. Triple Heart Cascade

    Triple Heart Cascade

    Stunning cascading heart design with sterling silver and cognac amber making you stand out in the crowd. Whether deressing up smart, casual or special, these versatile earrings will enhance the look. Learn More
  7. Oval Cognac in Spiral

    Oval Cognac in Spiral

    A gorgeous part of the collection and a truly stunning design. With oval shaped cognac amber set in spiralling sterling silver this definitely has the wow factor. Learn More
  8. Cognac Amber in twist

    Cognac Amber in twist

    Enhance the colours in your outfits with this beautiful bangle. Designed with a little freedom around the amber section and not quite as rigid as a solid bangle, a real eye catching bangle for your collection. Learn More
  9. Cognac Plain Oval Bangle

    Cognac Plain Oval Bangle

    A more substantial bangle with solid sterling silver set with plain oval bangle. Chunkier bangle but with bags of feminine charm and a dressy decorative piece. Learn More
  10. Amber Buds

    Amber Buds

    Being masterpiece in design and quality, this beautiful bangle will adorn any outfit. Design with three gorgeously cut amber buds adding to a autumn feel of glowing warmth. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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